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Cutting Garden and Planting

May has vanished in a cloud of cold air and we all welcomed in June this past weekend wearing shorts and suncream. I cannot remember ever being cold enough to light the fire in the kitchen log-burner over May Half-Term before this past week but it was very cold here in Wyck! What a change the weekend brought!

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Oudolf Field - Hauser & Wirth Somerset

I considered my visit to Hauser & Wirth Somerset on Thursday this past week to be a research trip more than a jolly day out of the office. More than anything, it was an opportunity to study the plants and planting used by landscape designer Piet Oudolf. I am familiar with his work at Bury Court, which is minutes from…

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September - Catch Up at a Project Planted in April

Where have the last three months gone? Away on a whirl of holidays and friends, family and events. Now the dust has settled and then my oldest leaves home for four years of university.

Work has been busy busy busy! August was not the traditional quiet month at all with enquiries coming in despite the holiday. At the moment, I am busy with  a project…

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March is flying by...

Somehow the month of March has gone past with a whirl of activity and now, blink, it will soon be over. The clocks go foreward tomorrow morning and we will have earlier starts to our mornings. 

I had planned to take this past week off from the office. Both children are home. There were no deadlines to meet in the office. And yet, the week was filled with lovely garden related events...


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Autumn Colour

A low mist hung in the air this morning and leaves are scattered on the ground. The air is full of the smell of bonfires and a hint of damp and Wednesday will be the first day of October. Despite the summer-like warm weather of the past weekend, Autumn is here and now is the time to look for planting that will prolong the life and colour in the garden until the first frosts hit and carry the garden…

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